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This is the "Parent" of a couple of websites. This website has been "razed", so to speak, in favor of our other websites, especially the We Declare His Praise by Faith Radio Ministry website. Someday this one will be rebuilt, but for now, please visit our "children"!

We Declare His Praise by Faith:

Churches who want to have a radio presence in their towns will be interested in this one. We help them with programming for the content and programs for the automation of the radio stations. Please visit the website, under construction, and listen to the Stream. Click get there, and click on the radio to listen to "We Declare His Praise by Faith", featuring solid Bible Teaching every half-hour, twenty-four hours a day.

The Good News Bracelet:

A number of years ago our friend in Christ, Harry Judge asked for help publicizing his Good News Bracelet. The result was "The Good News Bracelet" website at It's a cool little tool for sharing the Gospel, take a look!

The staff of attends Calvary Church in Aurora, Colorado.